How to avoid click-bait ad sites

Facebook has a “click bait” feature that lets users click on ads they’d like to see, but the company is pushing a more “in-depth” solution that lets people click on the ads directly.

The ad industry has complained for years about how click-to-play ad sites have become, with ad-tech companies like AdMob and AdSense using “click” as a marketing strategy.

Facebook is finally addressing the problem with a new ad targeting tool called Click To Click.

In addition to letting users click directly on the ad, it also lets users hover over the ad to see more details and to see how the ad works, as well as give them a preview of what they’ll be redirected to if they click.

That way, people can understand exactly what they’re buying.

But the new tool does require a bit of knowledge about click-based advertising.

To use the tool, users must first open Facebook on a mobile device or computer, and then click the “Share” button.

Then they have to click the little arrow next to the “I want to share this with a friend” button, and that’s it.

And to get the best results, users need to use the same browser as they use on their computer to get to the ad.

“You have to be comfortable with clicking on ads that you don’t want to,” says Josh Voorhees, senior VP of product management for Facebook Ads.

“It’s not like the ‘click here to view ads’ button is a clickable button.”

AdMob is the only company to offer the tool for all of its products, but Facebook says it plans to expand the program for all apps in the future.

For now, Facebook is only making it available for mobile and desktop ads, but it hopes that will change soon.

In the meantime, users will need to check their ad’s settings to ensure it’s set up correctly.

Here’s how to set up a click-targeted ad to display in your news feed.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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