“I’m not worried about my life.” — Joe Biden, 2016 campaign stop in New Hampshire

Joe Biden is the 2016 Democratic nominee for president, and he has plenty to talk about.

But as we sit in a diner in New England this week, Biden’s focus is more on his campaign than on his own life.

The vice president is enjoying himself, and so is his family.

In fact, the family is enjoying the moment too.

Biden has been a regular at New England diners since he was a congressman in 2009.

Biden’s mom, JoAnn Biden, is a waitress at a popular Boston restaurant.

The family visits frequently, and they share stories of the vice president’s life with their guests.

In the past week, the Bidens have visited a family member who was diagnosed with leukemia, a daughter who is pregnant with twins, and Biden’s wife, Jill Biden.

Biden is also enjoying the summer.

He spent the week at a beach in Florida, a vacation in a Caribbean island, and then he headed to Martha’s Vineyard to attend a state fair.

It was the first time the vice presidency has been held at a state-owned beach since Biden took office, but the trip is still a big part of Biden’s schedule.

He enjoys spending time with his family, he said.

“It’s been a big week for me,” Biden said.

He’s also taking time off work.

Biden plans to skip work at the White House for the first two weeks of August, so that he can be with his wife, JoAnne, and daughter, Caroline, who are in the third trimester of their pregnancy.

Biden said he is excited to spend more time with the family and that he expects to be able to have more time to do some things he loves, including play golf, watch movies, and watch TV.

As Biden speaks about the upcoming election, his aides say that he has not given up on the race.

He’s still looking to flip the House and Senate in 2016.

“I think the only thing that I’ve lost faith in is that the American people are going to elect a president who’s going to be a better president than my opponent,” Biden told reporters in an interview with The New York Times.

“And I have a lot of faith in my team.”

Joe Biden in his campaign swing through New England on Tuesday.

Biden told the Times that he is optimistic about the future of the country.

“We are on the verge of a turnaround,” Biden declared.

Biden will face a primary challenger, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, on July 2.

Warren is the first woman to face a major-party presidential candidate in the 2016 race.

After spending the week in New York, Biden will head back to Boston on Wednesday for the second presidential debate.

Biden and Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the debate, where he addressed the nation’s problems, said Biden.

“We have to deal with some of our problems,” Biden responded to the president’s questions.

In the aftermath of the election, Biden said that his family is looking forward to a “long and productive” relationship.

“Our family is proud of Joe Biden,” his wife said.

Biden also has a number of other events scheduled in the coming weeks.

He will visit the United States Capitol, where Vice President Biden will meet with members of Congress to discuss issues ranging from climate change to health care.

Biden will visit Capitol Hill again on Thursday to meet with lawmakers to discuss the Zika virus outbreak and its impact on children and families.

Biden, who is scheduled to speak at the Democratic National Convention on July 25, will also hold a rally in the state on Saturday, July 29, to encourage Massachusetts voters to get out to vote in November.

Joe and JoAnn are enjoying the holidays.

Biden took a vacation this week.

He plans to spend time with family and his wife and daughter.

Joe Biden says he is “excited” about the election.

He is the only candidate in history who has served in the White, Biden told WBZ-TV.

Biden says his campaign will “have a lot to talk at home about,” and he will spend the summer as a family.

The Bidens spent time with their grandchildren on Saturday.

Their youngest granddaughter, Caroline Biden, was born on June 27, but her mother says she is “so excited” about their granddaughter’s life.

Joe and Jo Ann Biden have been to more than 1,000 New England towns and cities, and Joe Biden has visited every state.

Biden visits Boston’s Boston Common on Monday.

Biden tells WBZ that he plans to visit as many states as possible.

He said he wants to see as many people as possible in Massachusetts.

He also plans to meet local business owners and visit schools.

While Biden is traveling, he will host a fundraiser at the Biden family’s home in South Carolina.

And he is planning to visit the Democratic convention on July 27 in Philadelphia.

Biden hopes to make history as the first vice president to hold a

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