Ad clickers: what you need to know to protect your site’s clickthrough rates

Ad clicker software is not a magic bullet to boost clickthroughs, experts say.

While it’s a great way to boost the clickthrough rate, it’s not a panacea, experts said. 

“This software does not guarantee your site clicks, and it is not an absolute answer,” said David Zolna, author of the The Top 10 Ad click software and founder of Clickbot, a click-countering software.

“It will only make your site click faster if you do the right things.”

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you need a clicker to boost your site visit rates: Don’t rely on click-through rates for a quick boost.

“If you’re just starting out, a simple click-to-sign-in to your landing page is a great place to start,” said Zolns.

“But if you’re a long-time user of your site, or your site has a lot of organic traffic, it may not be worth the extra cost.” 

If you want to boost a site’s overall clickthrough, Zolnas suggested you do a few things: Use a click counter for your landing pages.

Use a similar counter for every page on your site. 

Don,t forget to check the statistics of your ad clicker program. 

Use automated scripts to keep track of your clicks. 

You should also try and optimize your site with one or more of these: Add a banner or other banner type that tells visitors about your business or site. 

 Increase your bounce rate. 

Put some ads on your landing site, but leave them at least a couple of clicks away from your landing. 

Consider adding a “show me more” button to your website to let visitors know more about your site or business. 

Have a blog, newsletter, or other informational page that helps you and your audience stay in touch. 

Keep the website’s name short and simple. 

If possible, don’t use a domain name, such as

Write about your work and company on a blog or in a newsletter. 

Create an email list to let people know about your website. 

Check out the top online marketing sites to learn about what other visitors to your site are looking for. 

Start your own blog and help others find it. 

Add your website and blog name to Google’s search results. 

For a list of top online marketers, click here. 

How to protect yourself against unwanted clickers on your sites:  Make sure your site is clear about your ad-clicker program and its capabilities. 

Ask visitors to click on your ads, and provide them with clear instructions about how to do so. 

Try to provide visitors with easy-to see ads for your products and services. 

When you have an ad clickers program, do not use it to promote your products or services. 

 Check the statistics. 

Take care of your website’s website visitors and analytics data. 

Do not use the website for a purpose that will give you a competitive advantage. 

 Use the website to promote products or service that are not directly related to your business. 

 Be clear about who you are and what you do. 

Focus on what your visitors are interested in reading about. 

Be honest with your visitors. 

Make sure you are providing accurate information and don’t be misleading. 

Set clear and relevant ads that are relevant to your target audience. 

 Ask your visitors to pay attention to your content and to click only on the ads that you provide. 

Write out your ad code, and use it whenever you have a chance to do this. 

Give visitors a reason to return to your blog, site, and other websites. 

Show your blog’s content to visitors so they know you are not just selling to the public. 

Ensure that your website has an overall “click-to” experience, meaning you have to accept or reject ads in order to continue to see the site.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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