What is the latest botnet adclick investigation?

A botnet has allegedly bought a $1 billion ad-tracking service in India, and it’s not just for advertising: It also monitors users’ computer activity. 

The Times of India reported on Friday that the company, Adware, purchased a software firm, Civicware, for the “Ad-Centric Platform”.

The software company provides a software suite to “analyze” user activity in order to target ads to them. 

Civicware claims to have a 30-year track record of delivering high-quality, quality services for large enterprises in India. 

 Cities and States in India have seen a surge in cyber attacks and ransomware attacks this year, including recent attacks on Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s personal data. 

In an exclusive from February 2017, the Times of India reported that a botnet was targeting India’s finance ministry, acting on behalf of a Russian-based hacking group called CyberBerkut. 

The article stated the hack took place after Citizens Alliance of Bengaluru group was allegedly hacked by a cyber-criminal group. 

Cyberspace has become a battleground for criminals in India since the Indian government suspended Internet service providers (ISPs) last year. 

This botnet is likely an attempt to obliterate Citizen  Alliance of Bengaluru, an alliance of activist groups including India Salaam and Hindu Amitabh Srivastava groups. 

Srikanth Raghavan, India and Srinagar, India chief secretary, said that Cybotnet was likely to target SRI and India Srinagar government and other government entities in India to further target India’s economy and economy system. 

Raghavan said that the attack was planned and executed for purpose of destroying India. 

“This attack is part of the Russian Federation’s aggressions against India in order to disrupt the infrastructure of Sri Lanka,” Raghavans statement said. 

Indian security officials are expected to report to the US on Saturday.

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