How the new Trump administration is taking aim at fake news

The White House on Wednesday launched a series of new rules designed to crack down on fake news that has spread on social media over the past year, and the president was not the only one.

Here are some of the key elements of the White House’s new effort to crack at the fake news problem.

How the new White House is taking on fake storiesThe president is taking the first step toward addressing the fake-news problem by announcing new regulations intended to crack the fake stories that have spread on the Internet.

The new rules will be unveiled at the National Press Club in Washington on Wednesday.

The rules, called the “Fake News Accountability and Enforcement Act of 2017,” were crafted with the cooperation of social media companies, and are expected to be finalized in the coming weeks.

The rules are expected, if not implemented, to create a system for curbing fake news on the web.

The new rules would create a new agency that would issue penalties for fake news and content on social platforms, and a new rule for companies that provide false or misleading information to consumers, and will make it a crime to spread fake news, which is defined as news that is “false, misleading, or deceptive.”

“This new government agency is dedicated to fighting fake news online,” White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said in a statement.

“The Fake News Accountability & Enforcement Act will empower Congress to make sure that the new administration is fully committed to combating fake news.”

Social media companies and other technology companies, along with the Federal Trade Commission, are expected play a key role in developing and enforcing the new regulations.

In a joint statement, Facebook, Twitter and Google said the rules will help the administration combat fake news.

The administration’s new rules are also expected to curb the spread of fake news by providing a mechanism for publishers to quickly remove content deemed false or deceptive.

The government would be able to fine websites and platforms up to $250,000 per day, or up to 50 percent of the total revenue generated by a website or platform.

The government is also expected the agency would create incentives for news organizations to report stories that are false or otherwise misleading.

The rule also would require news organizations that receive more than $250 million in advertising a minimum of $50,000 in payments from the government.

The White House said the agency will also create new rules for companies like Facebook and Google to identify and remove fake news from their platforms.

The White Houses proposed regulations will be in effect through December.

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