Why Facebook is losing the war on fake news

Breitbart News is reporting that Facebook is going after the very people who have been the most effective in fighting fake news.

In the wake of a massive backlash against Facebook following the release of a damning report from a congressional investigation, Facebook is now looking to combat fake news by targeting the very users who are creating the content that drives the most virulent and dangerous conspiracy theories.

The company has recently rolled out a new tool that aims to detect fake news on Facebook and block the accounts that share it.

Facebook is reportedly using data collected by the company on the pages that people post on the platform to determine which pages have the most content about the conspiracy theories that it’s working to combat.

The new tool has two different modes.

The first mode will analyze which pages the user shares most often and which ones are the most popular with users.

The second mode will focus on the most common pages shared by users with the most followers and followers per post.

Facebook is reportedly targeting people who share content that is “more often shared than shared by the average user.”

The company is using data that can be mined to determine who shares what content, and how often, and it’s using that data to identify the accounts and pages that have the highest number of shares.

According to a report from the Washington Post, the tool will “spot” the most extreme conspiracy theories and users who share those theories most frequently.

That includes people who frequently share conspiracy theories about President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and many others.

As the Post reported, Facebook uses data collected from users on the social network to determine the number of times the content is shared on each page.

This data is then used to determine how often that content is posted and whether it is shared with other users.

It is not, of course, required for the user to be a Facebook user to participate in the tool.

Facebook has also begun to partner with Twitter, which has long been a popular platform for conspiracy theories to be shared.

Twitter’s new tool will also detect content that has been shared on multiple accounts by the same user.

It will not, however, identify which accounts are sharing the content.

In addition to identifying conspiracy theories, Facebook has also been cracking down on content that perpetuates “false rumors.”

This includes content that purports to be news articles that have not been independently verified, false claims that are not backed up by any evidence, and posts that are clearly designed to spread false information.

The tool will then warn users that the content they share could be “taken down or blocked by Facebook,” according to the Post.

The tool will only work when a user’s account is open and in the “recommended” or “verified” categories on Facebook.

This tool, however in a way, does not necessarily make sense.

Facebook has a huge reach on the platforms that are used by people like you.

The company has millions of active users and the majority of those are already verified.

If Facebook really is concerned with the spread of misinformation, then it would have to identify accounts that have a significant following and then remove those accounts.

That would be a huge undertaking, particularly considering that Facebook currently has no means to remove the content it shares on its platform.

Facebook and Twitter have already come under fire for the ways in which their platforms have been used by both sides of the political spectrum.

The companies have recently been criticized for their lack of transparency regarding the accounts they allow to use their platforms and the way they enforce rules against content that violates those rules.

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