How to spot ads that are clicking and selling you fake news


— As the search term for fake news grows louder, marketers are increasingly turning to technology to find it.

The term has been around for years and is often used to describe an attempt to link people to a website or a story.

But it’s also a marketing term that can also refer to fake news.

It’s now common for marketers to pay for click-through rates for clicks on search terms that include the words, “fake news.”

“The more you use the term, the more you’ll be paying for it,” said Vwscorpant-based SEO marketing specialist Mark Bowerman.

“The idea is you’ll get paid for clicks,” he said.

“You’ll get a referral and you’ll generate revenue from those clicks.”

Vwscorpant, a popular Georgia community college, recently started using technology to monitor clicks on its own websites and ads.

For example, it’s now paying companies to run clickthrough tracking software on its sites and in its ads.

But the term has also been used to refer to sites that offer fake news or stories that link to a company or website.

Advertisers can pay for clicks from their ads on these sites, or they can use the word “fake” in the search box.

“You can see a lot of sites have used the term ‘fake news,'” Bowermann said.

This practice is similar to how Facebook uses “like buttons” to show that you’re following a page, and ads that use the phrase “like” to get more people to click on ads. 

VwSCORpant is now paying marketers to run a software program that monitors how many times people click on search phrases that include “fake,” and to show them ads that reference those terms.

Bowerman said he’s noticed a lot more companies using this type of software to monitor their own sites, which can include “like and share buttons.”

“A lot of them are using that kind of tool to try and target their audience,” he explained.

Some of the companies paying for the software are already seeing an uptick in their click-to-click ratio. 

“You’ll see some of the big names using that to target their ads more and more,” Bowermans said. 

Bowermans told MTV News he also noticed that some companies were not paying for their own click-tracking software to run.

In response, VwSCorpants technology team is working with other businesses to pay companies to use its software to track their websites and search results.

While it doesn’t provide specific metrics, Bowerms said it can provide a rough estimate of how many people have clicked on a page.

Bowerm’s website has seen more clicks on the “click to view” button than all the other websites in the site’s search engine results.

The company also tracks clicks to “like,” and has recently found that “like is the most common word for clicks” on sites that refer to Facebook. 

For example:The company has recently seen more “like clicks” than all of the other Facebook sites on the site.

VWCORPant’s technology team has also seen an increase in the number of “like hits” and “like shares” on those sites. 

These are ads that mention Facebook or a social media site and are targeted to a particular user. 

 The company uses these data to improve the quality of those ads.

“We have a couple of ways we can monetize these clicks,” Bowersman said.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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