An ad-blocking ad-blocker for India is the best of the best

An ad blocking ad-blocks ads from being seen by India’s biggest tech companies.

India’s ad-tech sector is not known for its innovation, but Adblock Plus has been a pioneer in blocking ad blockers.

The startup has built a database of ad-based websites and is now offering free ad blocking for Indian consumers.

Read more: The best ad blocking apps in IndiaHere’s how AdblockPlus works:AdBlockPlus has launched Adblock in India, a new platform aimed at blocking ads in Indian online platforms.

The company will make its debut in India later this month, the company said in a blog post.

Adblock will not have ads on the platforms of major Indian online services such as Flipkart, Google Play, Amazon, Netflix, and YouTube, but it is available on other platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter.

Adblocking is not the only option on, the ad-shelving platform that offers users ad-free browsing experience.

Users can choose to use Adblock without ads in India as well, the post said.

Users can also choose to opt out of Adblock using the button on the side of AdBlock Plus, and then use another ad-busting service.

“Adblock Plus for India aims to provide the best ad- blocking experience to Indian consumers by providing a wide variety of options that help consumers to block ads from their online platforms,” Adblock CEO Nandan Nilekani wrote.

“By using Adblock, we are trying to provide a platform that works with any platform.”

The startup will roll out Adblock to India’s major Indian platforms and app stores in the coming weeks, the blog post said, adding that its plans are to add more features and new features to Adblock soon.

AdblockPlus is the latest in a string of Indian startups to try and monetize on the ad blocking platform.

In December, launched a paid ad blocker app that lets users opt out from ads on its website.

The app also allows users to opt-out of ads in Google Play Store, Netflix and other popular apps.

In August, the startup said it will offer ad blocking on its platform.

The new Adblock platform, however, will be the first to offer free ad-cutting services in India.

“We have a very deep network of over 100,000 ad-supported websites in India,” AdBlock’s CEO, Sanjay K. Pankaj, told Quartz.

“We have seen many Indian online users opt-in to AdBlock, but we do not know if there is a large enough audience to sustain this monetization model for an ad-friendly platform.”

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