“Drama, no real substance” in GOP ad blitz on Kavanaugh vote

Republican leaders on Monday accused Democrats of staging a “drama” that would only distract from the GOP’s primary fight in 2018.

The latest ad blitz is the latest attempt to drive home the GOP nominee’s character and his alleged past sexual misconduct, with a series of messages in 10 states targeting the Senate candidate who is accused of assaulting a University of California student.

The GOP leaders, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., and Majority Whip Steve Scalise, R -La., said the ad blitz was an effort to counter allegations made by three women who have accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct.

McConnell said the GOP ad effort is part of an effort by Republicans to try to “play the race card.”

The ads also come as Democrats and President Donald Trump are continuing to attack each other over allegations of sexual harassment and assault against the former Supreme Court justice.

The Democrats, who are waging a campaign to impeach Kavanaugh and make it harder for him to serve as the top justice on the court, have used the controversy over sexual misconduct allegations against him to portray him as a racist who should be removed from office.

But the GOP leaders said the allegations against Kavanaugh are nothing but “dramatic and false” and that they would continue to make their case against the Democrat who is the nominee.

McMaster, Scalise and other GOP leaders in recent weeks have hammered the Democrats over the allegations, which have been widely reported but have not been substantiated.

Democrats, including House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., have also called the GOP attack ads an effort aimed at hurting Kavanaugh’s chances of being confirmed.

The senators have sought to tie the allegations to Trump’s election in 2016, arguing that they are part of a strategy by Democrats to derail the GOP candidate in 2018 and make the race for the Senate more difficult.

They say the Republican attacks are part and parcel of the Democratic playbook to try and undermine Kavanaugh’s candidacy and put pressure on the party to choose between Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

Democrats on Monday also sought to portray Republicans as hypocrites for attacking the allegations while criticizing the Republican nominee for not calling for the resignations of several top Trump administration officials and for refusing to cooperate with an FBI investigation into whether he may have committed sexual misconduct with a minor.

McDonald, who was in his first term as minority leader, called Trump’s actions a “disgrace.”

“I hope you will now take heed and learn from your mistake, President Trump,” McDonald said.

McDONALD: Republicans are trying to play the race game.

I’m not saying we should all be silent, I’m just saying we are doing it.

We are not going to stand idly by.

They are not doing it for the country, they are doing this to destroy Donald Trump.

I hope you’re going to realize that.

That’s not who we are.

We will never stop fighting.

We have to do this.

The people are getting tired of this crap.

We’re getting tired.

We need to stand up and fight.

It’s not enough for us to sit there and watch.

We should be saying, ‘Let’s do this, we can’t be quiet.

Let’s stop this.

We’ve got to do something.’

This is not what we should be doing.

If we are going to fight, we have to get our people to fight.

If not, it’s just going to become the political equivalent of the Tea Party.

(AP: Joe Raedle)THE AP: ‘I am shocked’ by GOP attack ad on Kavanaugh MOREThe Senate Democrats, which are launching a “scramble” to try a more moderate nominee to replace Kavanaugh, are also planning a new ad campaign on Tuesday.

The ad campaign, which has not yet been named, is focused on Kavanaugh’s judicial picks and his confirmation hearings, as well as his support for the Keystone XL pipeline and other issues.

It is the second GOP attack on Kavanaugh in as many weeks.

The Republican National Committee announced on Friday that the GOP would be airing new negative ads in the weeks ahead aimed at the Senate Democrat.

Republican senators on Monday said they would vote against Kavanaugh on the Senate floor if he is confirmed to the Supreme Court, which means Democrats will have to move the debate to the Senate’s Rules Committee, which is chaired by Vice President Mike Pence.

Republicans have previously cast doubt on the credibility of the FBI’s findings in the case against Kavanaugh.

McCLINTON: ‘He is a man of integrity and trustworthiness’The Democratic nominee for president said she is “surprised” by GOP criticism of Kavanaugh’s record and said he is a “man of integrity” and “trustworthy.”

“We are going forward with our nominee and will continue to do so until the confirmation process is complete,” Clinton said.

“He is not going anywhere, and we will not be slow to get him confirmed.”

Republicans have not yet said if they

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