When you’re on the go, use your browser to see how your browser is performing

Easy click ads (CTAs) have become an increasingly popular way to improve user experience.

In addition to helping publishers optimize their pages, CTA ads are also often used to improve the performance of a site.

However, the performance improvements are not always easy to see and can be very subjective, especially for smaller sites.

For this reason, we’ve created an article to help you get a better feel for the performance and effectiveness of CTA ad clicks.

If you’re unfamiliar with CTA clicks, you can read our article on how to read click-through rates, which can help you understand how a site performs on a CTA.

Let’s take a look at the performance differences between click-to-unlock and click-out CTA advertisements.


CTRs are much easier to see than click-on CTA Ads: A CTA is a series of ads, rather than a click.

So when a user clicks on an ad, it triggers an ad.

A click is when a visitor clicks on a link, a banner or an icon in the browser window.

A CMA is different: Instead of an ad (which means you need to provide an URL to show it to the user), a CMA has a single click to the end of the ad that triggers a CTS.

For example, the ads on the right are click-ons, and the ads below are click to unload.

When a user sees a click, they are presented with an “A” to go back to the original ad, and they have to click to continue.

CTA advertising is typically shown in the left column, with click-by-click CTA on the top.


CTR is much more effective when ads are shown in a different order: If you’ve ever clicked on an Adblock Plus ad on a page, you’ll be familiar with the effect of the ads in different order.

For instance, when an ad is first shown, you will usually see a series or a collection of ads in the top row.

When the ad is clicked on, the order is reversed.

You’ll see an order of ads below.

If the user clicks the “skip to next” button, it will load the next ad in the series, and so on.

The user then has to click the “next” button to continue to the ad.

If they click the skip button again, they will load an ad in this same order.

In this case, the user will click on the next and next ads.

When an ad returns to the top, the next ads will be shown.

This process repeats until all ads are displayed.

You can read more about CTA positioning here.


The CTRs can vary significantly depending on your page: Some pages may be optimized to be more effective at CTRs, while other pages may only be optimized for CTRs.

To help you compare the performance between different sites, we’ll show you the different ads in a page.

To do this, we will use a test of the page’s click-per-click rate.

To demonstrate how different ads work on different pages, we have a simple chart with the top 10 pages of a Google Adwords site, divided into the following categories: Adwords Page – the main page for the Adwords platform.

Click to Unblock – this is where the user can see ads and/or a list of pages.

The Adwords Ads – this section includes all the ads that appear on the AdWords platform, as well as any ads that are displayed in the main Adwords page.

For our test, we only show the top-ranking ads, which are ads that have the highest click-traffic and have a CTR of over 20% on Adwords.

The bottom-ranking Adwords ads are not shown.

In the table below, click to expand the image and hover over each row to see a plot of the click-rate for each of the top and bottom rows of the chart.

Note that the Ad Ads can vary widely depending on the page.

If it’s the Ad Groups section, then click to enlarge the image to see the actual CTRs for all of the Adgroups pages, and for the top rows.

Click the arrows at the top to switch to another page or go directly to the graph.

To compare the click rates of different ads, we show the results on a different chart, with the two charts separated by a blank line.

Click on the “more” button below the image for a full-size version of the graph, or hover over the chart to see it in a larger format.

If an AdGroup is not listed on the chart, click on “more”.

A large version of this chart is available for viewing by clicking on the banner above the chart at the bottom of this page.

Clicking on “More” will expand the chart for a smaller version of it. In

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