What the hell is Polygon doing about ads?

In the days after it was acquired by BuzzFeed, Polygon got a taste of what it could be up against if it doesn’t cut its ads.

The news website was hit with a barrage of ads for “GTA V” and “The Last of Us,” which, while not as prominent as its more-famous rivals, were still worth paying attention to.

Polygon’s ads also caught the attention of a large chunk of the gaming community, and the site found itself having to do a lot of soul searching about its business model.

The company has since removed most of its ads, but it’s not entirely clear what exactly the decision was.

A BuzzFeed spokesperson said in an email that the ads had been removed from the site.

But there’s no indication that the company is getting rid of them completely.

The Polygon ad that’s still running reads “Polygon: What The Hell Is This Anyway?”

Polygon has not responded to a request for comment.

It appears the company’s ads were the result of a bot that started running on Monday, August 24, and was stopped by the end of the day.

Polygonsbot is a bot created by one man who claimed to have the power to take over any website, including Polygon, BuzzFeed, or any other platform.

Polygamers have had to navigate to other sites to find out what they were advertising, which was a common experience in 2016.

PolyGamerBot is currently offline, but we were able to find some archived content from the bot.

A screenshot of the bot’s settings, which are only accessible on the bot itself, reads “What the hell does Polygon do?”

This message has been modified to be consistent with the original.

Polygames.com/Polygosbot Polygamins.com, the Polygon affiliate site, is not alone in seeing its ads on Polygon.com.

“What The Hell” by DJ Kool & the Gun is now one of Polygons top-10 most-shared YouTube videos on the site, as well as one of the top-five most-viewed YouTube videos in the US, according to Alexa.

A spokesperson for Polygon told Polygon that the bot is “now completely offline.”

The spokesperson also said that the site’s ad team will be removing its ads from the Polygames site within the next 24 hours.

“We’ve made a conscious decision to pull all ads from Polygames,” the spokesperson said.

The spokesperson said that ads from “GOTV” were also removed.

A few hours after Polygon was hit by this onslaught of ads, Polygamer.com was back online.

The new “WhatTheHell” ad is now showing in the Polygos bot’s top-rated YouTube channel, where it has been since August 24.

The site has also removed some of its ad revenue from the Bot.

“Polygons bot has been offline since the afternoon of August 24,” the “WhatWhatTheHeck” ad reads.

PolyGamers.com will no longer be hosting ads for Polygames bot, but will continue to serve Polygators ads.

In a statement to Polygon in early August, the company wrote, “The Polygames team has made the decision to stop running ads on our platform.

While we’ve taken steps to protect the integrity of our advertising and the Polygamings platform, we’re taking these steps to help the community keep up with their games.

We reached out to Polygames for comment on the issue. “

Thanks for reading this far, and we’ll see you all again in a few hours.”

We reached out to Polygames for comment on the issue.

In an email to Polygiesbot, the spokesperson wrote, “[The] bot is a part of Polygames’ platform and it was only temporarily activated by the bot during its brief outage.

We will continue working to protect our platform as soon as it returns.

We are committed to making sure our platform is accessible to everyone and are working with Polygames to ensure it remains so.”

The statement from Polygames also notes that “our Bot is still in use, and it will continue functioning until the bot comes back online.”

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