How to optimize ad clicks and ad clicks analytics

By using ad servers to deliver ad-related content, websites can optimize their ad click performance to increase their ad clicks for ad-targeted advertising.

In this article, we’ll look at the different metrics of ad clicks on different ad servers, and how they relate to each other and the ad server itself.

We’ll also look at some examples of different ad server setups.

Ad Server Usage StatsAd server usage stats are a way of showing how much ad clicks are being delivered to your website by the ad servers that are using your ad server.

You can see the usage stats on the adserver tab of your adserver dashboard.

Each ad server has a set of statistics it publishes to the ad network for you to see.

In general, each ad server is only capable of delivering one ad at a time.

The more ad servers you have, the more ad clicks you’ll see delivered.

Ad server statistics can be broken down into three different types: ad server metrics, ad server performance and ad server utilization.

Adserver MetricsAd server metrics are the numbers that show how many ad clicks were delivered to a specific ad server during a given time period.

For example, if you have a page that contains a YouTube ad, and the average ad click for each ad is 100, and each ad click is delivered to approximately 20 ad servers in the world, adserver metrics are a good way to measure how well each adserver is performing.

In the screenshot below, the top three ad servers are shown, with the number in green indicating that it is delivering an average of 100 ad clicks per minute to your site.

In red, the average number of ad servers is 2.0.

AdServer PerformanceAd server performance stats are used to compare how well ad servers perform in delivering ad-relevant content to your ad.

Ad servers can be used to measure the ad clicks that are delivered to the page.

If you want to know how many times an ad server was shown to your page in a given hour, the server.rate metric tells you how many ads were shown to a particular ad server over a given number of hours.

For instance, the graph below shows the ad site performance metrics from July 2017 through October 2017.

Note that adquery was renamed to adserver after the new adserver was created in September 2018.

AdServers MetricsThe adserver stats below show the average amount of ad server ad clicks delivered to each ad node.

Adservers are listed in order of their average ad server usage.

Ad Servers Usage Ad server ad network usage data are the total amount of ads that ad servers delivered to ad nodes over a period of time.

Ad servers can be found on the top-level adserver menu, as shown in the screenshot above.

Adquery MetricsA more granular way to track ad server traffic is through adquery, a more detailed way to compare ad server speeds.

The adquery metric looks at the total number of times ad servers were shown ads to a given ad node over a specific number of seconds.

For adquery usage, adquery is broken down by adserver and then each adservers usage statistics.

AdQuery PerformanceThe adquery performance metrics are broken down to a more granule number of total ad server and adserver ad query impressions.

For this metric, ad query is broken out into adserver, adnode and adquery per minute.

Ad Query Per MinuteThe ad query per minute metric shows how many requests each ad query delivered to an ad node during a particular number of minutes.

Ad query per second is a better measure of ad query performance, because it takes into account all of the ad requests that ad queries are delivering to a single ad server per second.

Ad queries per second can be graphed for each of the three types of adserver usage stats.

The graph below plots the average Ad Query per Minute for all three adserver types.

Ad SERVERS MetricsAs we discussed in the previous section, ad servers can only deliver one ad to each individual ad server, but can deliver a total of up to 100 ad servers on each adquery session.

Ad traffic can also be broken up into smaller chunks, and it is possible to see how many of these chunks of ad traffic are ad servers.

Ad Traffic Graph Adserver traffic graph is a way to visualize how ad server throughput is distributed across the network.

Each chunk of ad load is broken up in a small number of smaller chunks.

Ads that are shown in this graph tend to have a larger volume of ad requests.

In addition, the smaller the number of chunks, the less ad requests are being sent to the servers.

The larger the number, the larger the amount of traffic being sent through ad server chunks.

The AdServer Percent of Ad Server Ad Server Percent of ad-server ad requests Percent of ads in AdServer Ad Server Pixels Adserver Adserver

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